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Member Spotlight: Stephen L. Whyte

“It’s really rewarding to be able to help students accomplish their goals and dreams, whether it’s in the field of communications or another professional area of their lives,”
04/16/2018 | admin | 0

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Member Spotlight: Madeleine Smith

Public relations professionals strive to initiate change. This could be a change in policy, a change in sales or a change in social media following. Utah Valley PRSA member Madeleine Smith also believes that the change can, and should, be within yourself.
04/04/2018 | admin | 0

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March Luncheon Recap: Tips for event publicity

Janet Frank, media manager for Intermountain Healthcare, was recently tasked with planning and promoting an open house for two new towers on the Utah Valley Hospital campus and shared some of the strategies that worked best for her.
04/02/2018 | admin | 0

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Member Spotlight: Joseph Ogden

Former corporate communications director of NuSkin turned PR professor Joseph Ogden may have a reputation for being a tough mentor, but is often a driving force behind his students' success.
03/20/2018 | admin | 0

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