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March Networking Luncheon

March 21, 2018
12:00 PM to 1:00 PM
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Olive Garden
504 W 2230 N
Provo, UT 84604

Janet Frank, a media manager for Intermountain Healthcare at Utah Valley Hospital will talk about involving the community when major changes happen in your organization, like building a new hospital.

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February Luncheon Recap: Social Media Listening

As communications specialists today, we work in an "interesting online world," crafting messages to be shared in 140-character tweets and gifs. Adam Durfee, director of Y Digital, spoke about measuring the success of our social media efforts.
02/21/2018 | admin | 0

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Member Spotlight: Jeff Peery

He is not a nurse, yet his understanding of healthcare and medical needs is unique. “While I would not attempt to change a CVAD dressing on a patient, I am confident writing about the steps needed to protect a catheter site from the risk of infection."
02/05/2018 | admin | 0

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January Luncheon Recap: Transform and Punch Through with Boyd Matheson

When you write content does the consumer breeze over it and quickly forget it or are they changed by it? Former Sutherland Institute president Boyd Matheson shared a few communication strategies from his experience as a consultant and political strategist
01/20/2018 | admin | 0

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Golden Spike 2016

Now accepting submissions for Golden Spike 2016
08/23/2016 | admin | 0

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