Creating a behind the scenes Instagram story to increase brand loyalty

Search Engine Journal reports Instagram having 1 billion monthly users, making it the fastest growing social network. You may be wondering how you can get some of the 1 billion users engaged with your account.

The answer is Instagram stories.

If you want an increase in users who are actively engaged with your content, regularly post authentic Instagram stories.

Medium lists the average exit rate for Instagram stories as 5 percent. Depending on the industry, some exit rates are even lower.

In today’s world of rapidly deceasing attention spans, the fact that most people will watch an Instagram story in its entirety is astounding.

The “behind the scenes” or “BTS” Instagram story is a great place to start increasing your brand’s presence and impact. 


“Behind the scenes stories provide viewers with a more human side of the brand, creating a way for followers to connect with a brand in a way that can only be achieved through showing viewers not only what’s in front of the smartphone camera, but behind it too,” according to Bethany Bulloch, former Brigham Young University communications social media employee.

My BTS Instagram Story at CodeWord PR Agency. (Madison Harman, Adri Ojuka, Kira Nielson)

Make a plan

Never jump into a social media tactic (or any tactic for that matter) without a strategic plan.

Begin by asking yourself two questions:

  1. What do I want my audience to know?
  2. What do I want my audience to do?

Remember, you’re not just making an Instagram story for the sake of making an Instagram story. Have a strategic goal in mind.

Let’s say you want your audience to know that your company’s employees love their jobs so that your viewers will view your company career page and fill out a job application.

With these goals, you can then make a storyboard (visual and descriptive layout of your story) for your Instagram story that describes what you’ll be putting on your story.

By determining what you want your audience to know, you establish key messages. By determining what you want your audience to do, you decide on a call to action.

In my BTS story, we wanted our audience to follow @codewordagency, so we implemented this call to action.

Create an authentic BTS story

Keep your storyboard in mind, but don’t be afraid to be flexible as new ideas present themselves. When creating your Instagram story, use the Instagram camera in the upper left corner of the Instagram page (as seen in the image below).

This screenshot shows the Instagram camera circled in the upper left corner to use for Instagram stories.

Remember, this is a BTS story, an opportunity to show your audience a unique, more personable side of your brand, things that have never been seen before! Reward your audience for watching your story with exclusive interviews and first looks.

Make sure to take advantage of the unique features the Instagram camera offers, such as the boomerang and super zoom feature. Save all of your pictures and videos to the camera roll because you don’t want to post them right away.

Don’t worry about applying text and other graphics to your images right now. Focus on getting as many different shots as possible so that you have a wide variety to choose from when deciding what will ultimately go on your story.

Fine tune your story

After having gathered all of your content, it’s up to you and your team to go through it all and decide what content is most interesting and best relays your key messages.

This is the time to add in graphics and text. Try to choose a consistent color scheme that will stand out against your content and match your brand. Label places, people and anything else that may be unfamiliar to your viewers.

You can also include fun quotes and highlight important key messages in text that viewers may miss if they’re just clicking through the story.

You want your story to be authentic, but you also want it to be professional. You can even compile your story in a video editor like Adobe Premiere to add music to the background (if it makes sense to do so).

For more ideas, watch my full BTS Instagram story below and checkout 13 hidden hacks to make your Instagram stories standout.

Happy Instagraming!             

Madison Harman is a senior in the Public Relations Program at BYU. She currently works as a Teacher’s Assistant for the Media Ethics and Law Class and interns in the Y Digital Agency.

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