Meet the UV PRSA President: 5 Questions for Jeff DuBois

Jeff DuBois didn’t begin his career as a PRSA member, but he is making up for it now serving as the new Utah Valley PRSA Chapter President – a president with a mission. We interviewed Jeff to find what, exactly, that mission is and what it meas for PR professionals in Utah Valley.

How long have you been involved in PRSA?
I was always involved in the student PRSSA at my time at BYU, but I was not heavily involved until I began teaching. I finally decided to join PRSA because I recognized the value of getting involved in the organization and rubbing shoulders with other professionals. It is truly gratifying that there is a community of peer professionals to, not only be mentored, but to collaborate with one another as well.

What do you hope to accomplish as the President?
Growth. I hope to see a growth in members as well as a growth in member involvement. We are working hard to ensure that PRSA has something to offer all of the public relations practitioners in the valley. We are becoming more strategic with our outreach efforts to involve new, mid-level and seasoned professionals alike.

What will the UV PRSA Chapter offer new professionals?
This year, we’ve already seen the number of young professionals (5 years in the industry or less) increase at our monthly PRSA luncheons. PRSA will provide young professionals with opportunities to be mentored. The relationships built in PRSA are based on “professional respect.” The information that is shared between members not only serves as a development aid from which new professionals can learn, but also provides an avenue for seasoned practitioners to exchange learnings and remain current on the industry’s best practices.

What would you say to those too timid to come to an event? What can they expect?
Take the initiative to come out and meet people. Chapter members are quick to extend a hand of friendship. The times they spend being involved in PRSA will benefit themselves and the profession. Anybody who comes to a PRSA event can expect a stellar line up speakers, joint activities, and opportunities for professional development.

Finish this sentence, “You wouldn’t know it, but Jeff DuBois…”
Jeff DuBois has a weird thing for cooking shows! I know it sounds crazy but I tend to fancy myself as a gourmet cook – or at least I try. My go-to dish is a French dumpling soup. I got the recipe off of the show, The little Paris Kitchen. Even my kids eat it, so you know it’s good!

Bon Apetite, Jeff! Thank you!

Jeff is the vice president of Method Communications and the first of many professionals to be highlighted on the UV PRSA blog. If you’re a fellow UV PRSA member and would like to be highlighted – or have your company’s PR efforts highlighted – contact Reagan Nickl at

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