Member Spotlight: Chad Little

If providing results for your organization were as easy as “greenlighting” every good idea that came across your table, anyone could do your job. Utah Valley PRSA member Chad Little understands that it is the PR professional’s ability to select only the very best ideas that make him or her valuable to an employer. 

At his position as director of marketing and public relations at Brigham Young University’s Marriott School of Business, Little has dozens of colleagues that present ideas to him. However, like every professional, he has limited resources with which to implement these ideas.

“Everybody wants everything done, but sometimes you just have to say ‘no,’ even if it’s a great idea,” he said.

Little explained that the largest challenge of his job is probably to determine which of the dozens of ideas he is asked to implement on a daily basis will provide the most value for the school. One of the first things he tries to do is determine how important the given objective is, then determine if the presented tactic is truly the most effective way to reach said objective.

“When you’re talking about fundraising efforts, for example, it’s an absolute need, not something that we can put on the backburner for a while,” he said. “So when the idea came up for us to create a fundraising video, we determined that it was probably the best way for us to meet this crucial objective, and we went for it.”

Of course, selecting the best ideas for his organization is rarely that straightforward. Little explained that learning how to pick out those golden ideas is typically not something that you can learn in school. Instead, it takes years of on-the-job trial and error to determine what will work for you organization and what won’t.

“It comes down to determining which of these things will have the biggest impact on the school – and the biggest return.”

At the end of the day, the most challenging aspect of Little’s job is also one of the most rewarding. He loves finding the best solutions for the Marriott School that create opportunities for major growth and improvement.

As he strives to hone this and other skills, Little has appreciated the value that PRSA provides. He explained that it’s always useful to interact with other professionals in your area, even if they don’t have exactly the same job description as you. 

“When there’s an event where people come in and share how they were able to tackle a specific problem they faced, that’s where I find the most value in PRSA,” he said.

While Little is not sure yet where his career will lead him in the coming years, he is confident that the skills he is developing now will serve him, regardless of his position.

Written by Carson Perry

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