Member Spotlight: Todd Hollingshead

Todd Hollingshead has always loved telling stories by writing which is why communications appealed so much to him. Todd graduated Brigham Young University in 2004 with a degree in journalism and immediately left for an internship in New York City for the tabloid The New York Daily News. Hollingshead enjoyed the fast pace life of New York City, but he knew it wasn’t conducive to a family life. After one year in the city, Hollingshead came back to Utah and has been here ever since.

After working for a number of years in print journalism Hollingshead applied for a position at BYU, his Alma Mater. Hollingshead specifically applied for this position because it was in the public relations office. As much as he loved journalism, he didn’t want to stay in the industry forever because of the long hours and low pay.

Hollingshead has loved his time at BYU, “This is my dream job, ever since attending this university it was my goal to come back and work here,” said Hollingshead. Although BYU is a religious school that focuses on living a high moral code, Hollingshead spends his time focusing on the education value that BYU has to offer. He writes stories regarding studies by various departments, new advancements in education and experimental products being tested.

Hollingshead also spends a significant amount of time as the media liaison between the university and various news outlets in Utah. He writes multiple news releases a week attempting to attract interest in BYU’s educational pursuits as well as their religious values and sports news.

In addition to his job at BYU, Hollingshead also served as the Utah Valley Chapter President of PRSA. Although Utah Valley was the smallest chapter in the country in terms of membership, Hollingshead said this was one of the chapters greatest strengths. “Everyone feels a close kinship to one another in our chapter,” said Hollingshead, “We respect each other and have formed a tight group with a lot of close friendships. I don’t know a lot of other chapters in the country where every member knows every member.” Hollingshead explained that this closeness has led to multiple business deals and partnerships.

Hand in hand with this strength is the chapters greatest weakness. “Growth is incredibly difficult for our chapter for some reason,” said Hollingshead. There are a lot of tech companies coming in Lehi and all of them have PR professionals, but for some reason, they are reluctant to join PRSA. “Our membership was at 60 when I was president, and one of the goals that we set for ourselves was to hit 75,” continued Hollingshead, “That was a goal we were eventually able to attain, but it was like pulling teeth trying to get it.”

One of the most valuable lessons Hollingshead has learned in his experience as a professional and PRSA presidents is how important it is to set goals. He advises students to set goals for their lives just like they set goals in a public relations campaign. “Coming out of school you may not get your dream job, I didn’t, but that job can be a stepping stone and help lead you to another job which leads to another job which can lead to your dream job.” Overall he advises to take the opportunities as they come, Hollingshead has done just that and he couldn’t be happier.

Written by Parker Strong

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