Member Spotlight: Joseph Ogden

What kind of detailed and perfection-obsessed person can draft architectural plans drawn to flawless scale with little to no training in architecture? Joseph Ogden. His observant mindfulness of how the world runs around him lends to intense attention to detail and high standard of work. Ogden’s passion for creating aesthetic and well-crafted work enables him to thrive in the field of public relations.

Ogden worked as the Corporate Communications Director of NuSkin. In this role, he worked as an official spokesperson, managed public relations and marketing in Asia and directed investor communications for the publicly traded firm.

Ogden has an optimistic perspective on the power of public relations. He explains, “I see huge power in being able to persuade people to change direction whether it’s to become healthier, to sell a product, or to impact an issue. Learning the skills in public relations is immensely powerful if they’re applied well.” 

Now, Ogden teaches BYU students the same principles that he used in the field. When asked about his secret sauce to success, Ogden said, “The three ingredients are curiosity, hard work, and problem-solving ability.”

Ogden describes his career transition from corporate to education by explaining that, “I really like being around smart, hard-working people, and BYU is a top-tier university that attracts students who are willing to learn and work hard.”

As BYU’s Public Relations program director, Ogden is a valuable asset to the students. His corporate ties and relationships with major companies such as Marriott and Hyp3r have expanded student opportunities.

“A large percentage of the clients we have in our classes and lab came from companies I’ve worked with or have relationships with.”

Ogden’s personal relationships with executives of other companies have leveraged student access to powerful social media analytics and opportunities to create content for big name brands in on-campus internship opportunities. The Y Digital lab powered by Hyp3r gives students access to cutting-edge tools to monitor and analyze trends in social media. Students recognize classes from Professor Ogden as demanding but rewarding, and Ogden defends his reputation for being a tough supervisor.

“I don’t want them to rest in the mediocre valley, but climb the summit of success.”  

During any given office hours, a line of students loiters in the hallway outside his office, eager for five minutes with the man himself. Program applicants to public relations seniors hope for resume critiques, internship recommendations or future career advice. 

He sincerely appreciates his role as a mentor and teacher. 

“It’s so exciting for me to see the lights come on. That’s amazing, right?”

Ogden is not the type of person to come home and relax in front of the TV. His high-achieving personality offshoots into lifelong learning through travel, music, and staying relevant in the field. He sings in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Cantorum choir as a second bass, harking back to his minor in music.

Written by Elsie Powley

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