The Future of Utah Valley PRSA

We’re sorry for the radio silence during these first few months of 2019.
There have been a few unanticipated changes in our leadership, and President-electMarcus Hardy assumed the role of Chapter President late last week. Natalie Ipson, Andrea Christensen, and Linda Walton will remain on the board, and additional board members have or will be invited to join. 
Before we move any further down the road, it’s time to talk about this organization that we’re all a part of and what we want it to be.
You’ve paid your dues, but outside of the benefits that come with your national membership, it probably doesn’t feel like you’re getting much love at the local level.
We’re committed to changing that.
Our chapter is facing a pivotal moment in its history. The board has opted to see this as an opportunity to chart a course forward. We hope you will too. 

Our next meeting will be a town hall discussion to determine the future ofUVPRSA.
This is the time to speak up and help shape the future and value of PRSA locally. 
We’re still working out the final details of our town hall meeting, but are tentatively looking at noon on Wednesday, April 10 at a central location within the valley. A light lunch will be served. We will communicate details as soon as they are available.

Even if you cannot make the meeting, we would still like to contact you directly to hear your feedback and ideas.
Are you in?

Yes, I want a voice in the discussion!

Thank you for your patience, professionalism, and membership in our chapter.

Marcus Hardy, Chapter President
Natalie Ipson, Communications Chair
Andrea Christensen, Golden Spike Awards Chair
Linda Walton, Education & Community Relations Chair

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